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  • OEM:
    Stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer," i.e.: Mita copier toner-made by Mita, Epson Laser cartridges-made by Epson, etc. These are the identical brand name supplies your dealer sells, they just cost less.

  • Compatible Supplies:
    These are third party supplies, which although they are specifically designed and formulated for use in a particular machine, do not bear the trademark of the machines manufacturer. It's like asking your druggist to substitue the generic equivalent for a prescription. Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

  • Remanufactured Supplies:
    Saves cash and the environment! Please don't confuse these with cartridges "refilled" in someone's basement. Our remanufactured supplies are completely disassembled, inspected, and thoroughly tested in actual printers and copiers before they're OK'd for shipment. Our process meets or exceeds all OEM Standard guidelines for cartridge remanufacturing. If you've been burned by "bargain basement refillers:, give our cartidges a try, you'll be glad you did.


Refill Kits...Really Worth The Money?
On the subject of Refill kits, I have a very strong negative opinion as to their perceived value. Manufacturers of refill kits claim that it is easy to do; it is a clean process, and the refill method is quick. I would have to question, if its so easy to do, why are there two pages of printed instructions in small print? If it's so clean, why do they enclose rubber gloves? And why issue the warning that there is the possibility of the lines drying out if the process isn't completed quickly. So, for my money, I would prefer to have someone else who has the proper equipment and technology remanufacture this cartridge and sell it to me at a discounted price. We are talking about permanent ink here!

Don't Let This...
Happen To You!

Labels & Laser Printers
Have you ever experienced printing a sheet of labels and then discovered that the laser printer now doesn't print properly. There are a couple of simple rules for using labels. Rule number 1 --- Do not run label sheets with any of the labels starting to peel off the sheet, or any sheets that have a label missing, unless you want to make real good friends with your repairman.

It's Your Choice
Did you know that it is ILLEGAL for any company to require that you only use their brand of cartridges? You have the right to use the supplies of your choice as dictated by Federal Law 93-637 section 102 part C.

Trash In The Landfills
Did you know that each toner cartridge equals about ½ quart of oil and is made up of roughly 4 pounds of non-biodegradable parts that can pollute the earth forever. Recycling will help reduce waste in our landfills. Both Ford Motor Company and Union Carbide are now recycling their toner cartridges!

Get More Bang For Your Buck!
Want to extend the life of your cartridge? Lower the print intensity of your printer. Lighter print means you can print more pages before running out of toner. Run a print test at several intensities to choose the best balance of yield and print quality.

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